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Nikita Productions was established with the vision that films can entertain while changing the way audiences view our collective past and future.


We work directly with Film Companies, TV Channels and directors to compose, arrange & produce original scores, branding and themes. We also proudly work for Contemporary Art Museums, Art exhibitions, luxury advertising and fashion shows.


With more than 90 million cinema entries worldwide and award winning music for documentaries, Nikita has shown we know how to connect with the audiences through sounds creative storytelling. 


From concept to creation, the team at Nikita are meticulous at every stage. Firstly, a conversation on stylistics and emotions are discussed with directors and producers followed by first draft demos.  We create bespoke compositions using real musicians and detailed arrangements along with cutting edge production. This gives every composition no matter what the genre the magic, emotion and energy required to enhance the screen experience, expressing the values and identity of the film.

Our work is influenced by a mix of cultural, societal, technology and history blended with music, modern art and pop culture, topped off with a dash of futurism.

We believe in quality music that shapes our culture.

Nikita Productions  has recording studios in Paris and Los Angeles. 

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Founder of Nikita Productions, Lyne has overseen and helped to develop the professional excellence and creative output of the company since its origin in 2008.

Born in Beirut, a city known for its nightlife, she grew up surrounded by artists and musicians. Lyne began her  professional career in New York as a lobbyist in politics, where she learned music business. After that she successfully produced several music groups and Tv shows in Russia and France.

Her interests include music, production and writing. She is actually working on a feature film about music.

Bringing with her such expertise Lyne is able to ensure that each project executed by Nikita is of the highest level of service to their clients. 

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