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Finding the right soundtrack for a film can be one of the most challenging tasks. We’ve built a talented team of composers who are experienced in musically interpreting the fundamental concept and demographic of each project, and have composed a broad range of music across an array of genres.


World renowned composer and producer, Bastide Donny joins our team of composers at Nikita. 

Drum machines and analog synths collector, specialising in electronic music, Bastide's composition style expertly blends the bold and new with a refined elegance, unifying the contemporary and traditional.

From action movie scores such as “ District B13 “ and “ Taxi 4 to suspenseful melodies in “ Mesrine “ and “ The Gunman “, film composer Bastide Donny has shown he knows how to connect with the audiences. 

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An accomplished composer and pianist, Thomas Verovski brings his international performance repertoire and experience to Nikita.

Graduating at the American School of Modern Music in Paris, then songwriter & Producer trained at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, Thomas has since worked on a variety of projects. Including movies, television and advertising. He always exploring new styles and merging different musical cultures.

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From our in house studio in Paris we have continuously work, composing and producing music for films and artists.

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